Tron Energy Market

Tron energy exchange - Buy and sell energy and bandwidth for Tron network - easy and fast

Buyer Seller
Resource Price/day Income Date
65,999 Energy 75 sun 13.37 TRX 04-03 04:12:32 TXN Hash
36,097 Energy 80 sun 7.8 TRX 04-01 05:07:19 TXN Hash
40,000 Energy 80 sun 8.64 TRX 04-01 05:06:43 TXN Hash
63,903 Energy 80 sun 13.8 TRX 03-30 01:04:00 TXN Hash
3,934 Energy 80 sun 0.85 TRX 03-28 07:04:02 TXN Hash
2,000 Bandwidth 800 sun 4.32 TRX 03-27 08:32:24 TXN Hash
42,494 Energy 80 sun 9.18 TRX 03-27 12:25:18 TXN Hash
106,092 Energy 80 sun 22.92 TRX 03-26 02:31:34 TXN Hash
124,060 Energy 80 sun 26.8 TRX 03-25 08:45:28 TXN Hash
1,365 Energy 80 sun 0.29 TRX 03-25 07:29:25 TXN Hash
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Tron Energy Market is a market for buying and selling Tron network energy and bandwidth. By using, you can increase the balance of energy in your wallet or earn income by freezing TRX and earning energy for other users.

Buy Tron Energy

Having energy in the Tron network is very important. It helps you save on your transaction fees and pay less fees for your orders. This feature is very useful for wallets that have many transactions and can be very useful. You are in You can easily buy Tron network energy for your wallet and increase your wallet energy.

Sell Tron Energy

If you are a TRX currency holder and you want to earn money using your TRX, you can generate energy for other users by freezing your TRX and earn money. You can even do this automatically by "AutoFreeze" service

Tron Energy Exchange is the best place to buy and sell Tron network energy and bandwidth. Using this site, you can buy energy or earn money from selling energy and bandwidth